Crossing Borders — international, interdisciplinary and interplanetary
Experimental sound designers and composers gathering for KISS2016
Kyma International Sound Symposium in Leicester, UK
Sound artists, performers, sound designers, composers and researchers are crossing disciplinary and international borders to converge on the campus of De Montfort University in Leicester UK from their home studios in Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, South Korea, Switzerland, the UK and the USA to share their expertise and exchange ideas through talks, demonstrations and live public performances from 7-10 September 2016 at KISS2016.
Live performance by University of California Santa Cruz graduate students: Madison Heying, Kristin Erickson, Matthew Galvin, David Kant at KISS2015. (Photo credit Belinda Carr)
During the conference, one of the presenters' original soundscapes will be crossing a new kind of border — the Kalman line that separates Earth from outer space! On September 8 at around midnight UK time, NASA will be launching the OSIRIS-REx near Earth asteroid mission; on board the craft are sounds created by experimental Dutch composer Roland Kuit — sounds that will be making a one-way trip to asteroid Bennu where they will wait to be discovered by sound designers of the future.
Space Sounds created by Roland Kuit
Full lineup
Here’s the full schedule of presentations and concerts.
Who should attend KISS2016
Are you insatiably curious? Obsessed with sound and inventing the future of music? Please join us and partake in the discussions, the concerts, and inspiring exchanges with fellow sound and music creators by registering here.
Photo of a VR installation by Marinos Giannoukakis (with Carla Scaletti observing)
Symbolic Sound in partnership with DMU’s Faculty of Art, Design and Humanities; DMU Music, Technology and Innovation Research Centre, and DMU Performance Research Group are organizing the event with co-chairs Craig Vear (De Montfort University), Simon Smith (Anglia Ruskin University), and Carla Scaletti (Symbolic Sound).
“KISS is not just a technical conference or industry showcase,” explains conference co-organizer Carla Scaletti, “At KISS we discuss experimental sound and music, how to create it, what it means to us, the impact it has on our world, and how it relates to current ideas in science, the arts, and our lives.”
Quotes from previous KISS participants
“[KISS] participants represent the whole universe of music making: producers, composers, performers, scientists, sound designers, academics, beginners and experts. Being able to talk to everybody, asking questions to everybody and making all the contacts is invaluable!”
— Prof. Franz Danksagmüller, Musikhochschule Lübeck
“After attending KISS for the first time in 2015, we have decided that we are attending only Kyma International Sound Symposiums in the future. Why? KISS has so much more to offer on so many different levels: It welcomes intelligent participants from all over the world to share their unique music and ideas…”
— Rich O’Donnell & Anna Lum, Hearding Cats Collective
KISS is a mix of lectures, demos, concerts, and lively discussions over meals. (Photo credit Belinda Carr)
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